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All You Need To Know About Loan NOC And How To Get It

All You Need To Know About Loan NOC And How To Get It

If you have ever taken a personal loan in the past, you would know that the whole personal loan process primarily consists of four steps—loan application, loan approval, getting an instant personal loan, and timely repayment of the loan. You can use some of the best loan apps in the country for a completely online personal loan process.

As you repay all your EMIs, you almost come to the end of the personal loan process. Note that, at this point, only one thing remains for you to do. And that last leg of formally paying off the loan is settling off closure formalities. 

Collecting your loan NOC is one of the loan closure formalities. Know everything about loan NOC in this article.

Loan NOC definition

NOC stands for no objection certificate. A loan NOC is a legal document issued by the lender that affirms that all your outstanding dues have been executed and no other dues are payable on a given date. 

A personal loan NOC from your lender denotes the formal closure of your cycle of repaying loans. Thus, it prevents any legal repercussions arising from your loan in the future.

Why is it essential to collect loan NOC from your lender

Below are the reasons why it is vital to collect loan NOC from your lender:

Loan NOC helps you with documentation

A loan NOC is a legal document that shows that all your dues have been paid in full. If you do not collect your loan NOC, it might lead to troublesome situations. For example, your lender may mistakenly ask you to repay the dues that you have already paid. 

In the absence of any documentation, it is difficult to prove that you have paid all your dues. So, it is advisable to collect all the relevant documents like loan NOC from your lender.

Getting loan NOC and notifying CIBIL of the same helps you with future loans

It is not your lender’s but your responsibility to collect your loan NOC and notify CIBIL about it if the lending company does not do so. If you fail to inform the credit bureau, this could be interpreted as your not repaying the loan. This can adversely impact your score, and you might not be able to avail of loans at competitive rates in the future.

Loan NOC helps you avoid any loan-related legal implications 

Worst case scenario: Your lending institution may initiate legal proceedings against you. And in the absence of a document like a loan NOC, it will get tough to prove your case. 

Alternatively, you can spend some time and follow up with your lender about the NOC. Receiving the loan NOC document will ensure you have mental peace and help you prevent any legal problems in the future.

Loan NOC helps you apply for a balance transfer

If you want to apply for a balance transfer, an NOC from your existing lender is utterly necessary. Without a loan NOC, your new lender won’t be able to initiate the balance transfer process.

How to apply for a loan NOC

It is easy to apply for and get a loan NOC. Note that you can apply for a loan NOC only post repayment of your loan. 

Below are the steps by which you can apply for a loan NOC:

  • First of all, you need to notify your lender that all your instalments have been paid
  • You will be required to furnish documents like documents to prove your address, documents to prove your identity, loan-related documents, statements of the loan that have details of the EMIs that have been paid
  • You are required to submit a cheque and ID proof for your lender to verify details such as your account number and identity
  • Post the documentation and related formalities, your loan account is closed, and you receive a loan NOC from your lender


You make a lot of effort to pay back your loan on time. It just takes some simple steps to go ahead and get from your lender a loan NOC that can help you stay secure in the future. 

Completing your loan related formalities on time helps you build and maintain a good CIBIL score. Your good credit score enables you to get instant personal loans at attractive rates from the best loan apps in the future.


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    Please provide my noc certificate please immediately very urgent


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